April 17th, 2021

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Here's an extract from a book someone wrote titled A Coding Career Handbook (as an aside, people do tend to write books awfully soon in their careers nowadays; they become sort of like blogs, but more fashionable). In any case, again, this is what the predominant ideological climate in the industry is today:

1.4 Diversity

Often the only people who ignore diversity issues in a career discussion are cishet white men. For everyone else, it colors every job, every interaction, every moment of self-doubt. Regardless of your political persuasion, you should recognize that tech objectively does a worse job at diversity than any other well paid white collar industry. This isn’t mere perception – it is greatly statistically significant by any measure.

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Crap! Why is it that almost anything that smacks of nice dev experience turns out to be an antipattern? I thought we were being pretty clever for using SVGR to import svgs as inline components — and now I'm reading this:

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