March 19th, 2021

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The phrasing in this tweet kinda implies that talented people and ambitious people must smoke marijuana.

The article it refers to is of course much less dramatic, but this fear of any association with mj is still amusing.

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Language... Meaning...

1) Why is a lack of "DEI" a "challenge", unless someone punishes you for it? And who is going to punish you for it, and how, and why?
2) You can certainly "train" developers. You can probably train anyone who is sufficiently motivated, no matter what their starting knowledge and skillset are. Examples abound. The question is, why should you invest in that rather than pick the ones who have already been trained.
3) "Talent". That favorite grandiose American word. If you lower the entrance bar, how do you separate the wheat of "talent" from the chaff of "lack of talent"?
4) Why are Google interviews — or interviews at other FAANG companies — said to be so hard? These sure qualify as "larger firms"?

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I didn't watch this — it began in too dumbed-down a tone to keep my interest, but I did catch the beginning of it, which had something that surprised me.

"I do feel somehow uniquely qualified to be hosting this," says the host, "because I have had both covid and the jab; and covid lasted about two weeks and was absolutely awful; and the jab lasted about two seconds and I felt unbelievably emotional and happy and just abuzz at the wonder of science".

Leaving aside that feeling unbelievably emotional and happy about being vaccinated is a bit puzzling — do people who have recovered from covid (if indeed that was covid) still get vaccinated? Why?