March 16th, 2021

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Sky News's brief review of a public confrontation with the police in London a couple of days ago:

The whole thing is quite bonkers. It wasn't that long ago that the media wagged its collective finger at the Orthodox Jews who had covertly held a wedding ceremony and had been discovered by the police. And yet, while still under the lockdown, masses of people decided that it was a good idea to gather together in a vigil for a disappeared woman. What drives people to participate in such mass actions — even under the best of circumstances — I have no idea. How is it that a person whom they've never heard of until a week ago suddenly takes such a prominent place in their mind that it cannot be addressed by a quiet solitary reflection, but spurs them to join the crowd and participate in a collective performance, is quite beyond my understanding. For whatever reason, they then decided to defy the police, which, judging by the footage in this report, was patiently and politely trying to persuade the crowd to disperse for about an hour. Why did the police insist on that — why not just let people do their weird things in their own quiet way, since the epidemiological considerations had already been thrown out the window — is another question; but let's just assume that there was some stupid regulation in place because of covid. Now, if you are law enforcers, if you are trying to enforce the law, and if the public disobeys you, what do you do?

"The image of Patsy Stevenson pinned to the ground by male officers united all sides of the political spectrum," says the reporter. Fucking why? Things had presumably already escalated to the point that they were detaining her; she was presumably resisting the arrest. Does the police need a female squad to pin female offenders to the ground during the arrest?