March 1st, 2021

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Someone posted this photo on Twitter. Don't know where it's from, but must be something recent.

A comment? I could have guessed that it will be coming, but comments like this still take me by surprise:


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Listened to a talk from YCombinator's Startup School 2013:

The tone of the talk is very different from the the tone that's typically employed today. It's imbued with the belief in technology, and with a ruthless, competitive, disruptive, even bellicose spirit: how the traditional institutions are too old to compete with the new enterprises emerging from the Silicon Valley, and how they — the traditional institutions, that is — will fight tooth and nail to maintain their dominance, and will blame the Silicon Valley for its own failures, etc. etc. This is the agenda that completely aligns in my mind with the word "progressive" :-) I am missing this daring futuristic tone from the contemporary discourse, which is now more about justice and fairness and climate change and equality and so on.