February 7th, 2021

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There's a glaring omission in this tweet (characteristic of Twitter in general, as a medium for brief and preferably emotionally charged communications):

All-in-office teams have been tried for a long time and have proven to work fine.
All-remote teams have been tried for a brief while, and might potentially work (especially if circumstances at home are conducive to working).
What has not yet demonstrated that it can work effectively is mixed teams, in which some members are in the office and others work remotely. Coordinating that, and ensuring that information flows freely through such teams is the biggest challenge.

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From the Sunday Times:

I wonder whether there was any period in history when the media transmitted messages that were cynically pragmatic, to the effect that it's not our concern how barbaric other countries are as long as we have beneficial trade relationships with them. When such phrases as "a direct incitement to rip off more money from his own people" or "China is violating the rights of Uighurs" would not even be used in arguments because they would be met with utter indifference.

Can't think of such a period. There was apartheid, there was nazi Germany, there were panslavist tendencies in Imperial Russia, there was pre-abolition America. In all those times, papers or journals must have expressed their dismay at how other countries are mistreating their people.