January 14th, 2021

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Got wondering, when I saw this headline in the Times, and appreciated the Russian suffix, whether the Russian отказник is someone who does the refusing or is experiencing a refusal.

Was amused to learn that the Russian отказник can be the one who refuses (e.g. to be drafted in the military service), the one who is refused (specifically, the permission to leave the country), or the one who is rejected/abandoned. I didn't know about the second meaning (the main one in the dictionaries), and the third, for whatever reason, was for me the primary one.

(no subject)

"Contracting coronavirus gives at least as good an immune defence against future infections as a vaccine", writes the Times.

Is there any infectious disease for which that wouldn't be the case, I wonder? A disease for which a recovery from natural infections would leave a weaker immunity than a vaccine? If not, why would the Times even bother to state the obvious? If yes, what are those diseases?