January 12th, 2021

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Robert Glenister, a voice actor with a fantastic range of voices and dialects, who narrates Galbraith/Rowling's novels, either forgot the name of a character, Ilsa (/ˈilsə/), by the fifth instalment of the series, and is chronically misreading her as Isla (/ˈailə/), or has been instructed to pronounce Ilsa as /ˈailə/. Very strange in either case.

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An American pronouncing her surname DuBois as /dü'bojs/ sounds as weird as an American pronouncing his surname Podwysocki as /pədwis'oki/.

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CSS at its worst — when the order in which the rules are defined in a stylesheet matters, because, given the same selector specificity, the latest defined selector wins.

E.g. given this html structure:

If the child-foo class is defined after the child class, the border will have one color:

But if the child-foo class is defined before the child class, the border will have a different color:

And I was certain — certain — that given that the child-foo class if declared after the child class in the html class attribute, the child-foo will always win. But no, CSS reminded me today about its weirdness.

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What the hell, I wonder, is going on in their heads. Somehow they are intelligible to each other. All top-level devs — two googlers and one linkediner:

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An exchange on the level of "silence is violence". Uncle Bob, who rarely comments on the current affairs because he happens to hold views that are met with torrents of hate, tweeted a couple of days ago:

To which Martin Fowler, another household name, responded:

It's like, really? People feel comfortable telling others how disappointed they are by the lack of others' outward display of righteous indignation?