January 5th, 2021

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Wow Chrome. You are usually so smart and developer-friendly and all, but you really suck with this error message:

net::ERR_FAILED? huh? what?

Network data:

Huh? What? Where's the response info?

You could really learn some a trick or two from Firefox:

There! CORS problem. Nice and clear!

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From Lethal White, by Galbraith/Rowling:

"Because the Conservative Party was his life's blood, you know," said Drummond. "Oh yes. He'd bleed blue".

Russian translation:

"Видите ли, Консервативная партия была нужна ему как воздух, – продолжил Драммонд. – Да-да. Он был с нею одних – голубых – кровей."

Obvious choice for bleed blue, of course; but a British reader would know that blue is the color of the UK Conservative party (same as for US democrats, although possibly a different hue, I didn't check). A concrete political reference changed for a general idiom.

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Looks like Bryan has given up on twitter (deleted his previous account, immediately rejoined). Now it's either a satirical account a'la Titania McGrath, or some kind of social experiment, or he is trying to become employable again. Not sure which, but whatever it is, it's funny in a sad sort of way:

P.S.: oh, I see! He is diversifying — two new accounts, one for tech, one for politics; and presumably retiring his old account