January 3rd, 2021

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Funny to see the pendulum swing back, if only a little:

SSG is static site generation. In fact, gentle reader, it isn't bad for all cases, as Jekyll blogs have amply demonstrated. But it has been oversold, especially to inexperienced devs, and Gatsby (which I confess I was smitten by four or five years ago) is one of the worst offenders. Kent too drank that kool aid, and as a result his formerly Gatsby-based site used to break in various hilarious ways. Thanks to Ryan and Michael from the Remix team for pointing out the obvious and paving the way back to the basics. They are still firmly grounded in the React camp though.

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This guy is Australian, and he pronounces cache with an /eɪ/.

Also, in contrast to probably over a half of the speakers at Chrome dev summit, he doesn't read from script, which is very commendable.

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Someone describes their experience upon arrival in a South Korean airport from the UK. Tells how everyone had to fill in numerous papers, then was made to install a tracing app on their phone, then was tested in the airport; and how then he, probably because he was coming from the UK, spent a day in an airport's quarantine room while waiting for additional test results to come back. Took him over 24 hours from the touchdown to finally get to his home, he says.


In his place, I'd've felt disgusted, resentful and violated; but he sounds quite pleased with the experience, preferring it to arriving at Heathrow, where he was whisked through in no time. Made him feel vulnerable, he says.

I am worried that this may be a glimpse into the immediate future.