December 12th, 2020

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Got reminded of this beauty while a speaker at chrome dev summit was reading (😞) through her talk:

The speaker was, of course, much more polite when she suggested that maybe footers do not belong on pages with infinite scroll.

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Chrome dev summit. Here's a bloke (love him) who has a lot of speaking experience — conferences, screencasts, podcasts. Notice his natural, engaging delivery:

As opposed to most of the others who are reading from the screen. These two, for example. Notice the unnatural intonation and the poor to non-existent coordination between the narrative and the visuals presented on the screen.

Also, the keynote started in such a boring, artificial and clicheed way (there even was the much-ridiculed "twenty twenty has been a year of challenges" that one of the speakers opened her segment with) that I was left wondering how they are not bored out of their pants.

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Also from chrome dev summit. From Mariko's talk:

"We started [to] search [for] non-inclusive language in our codebase..."

"We started putting inclusive language reminders on [sic] out pull requests..."