September 6th, 2020

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Peter Boghossian: "The third way social justice ideology destroys our freedom of speech and our cognitive liberty, ruins our ability to communicate, and is the enemy of parrhesia(*) is through inclusion"

It's relatively rare to hear someone challenge the word inclusion — and, by association, diversity.

*) a rather obscure ancient Greek word he prefers to use, for whatever reason, instead of openness, frankness, sincerity

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Changed, she says. Changed the definition to. A quick look in MW will show that this is but one of the possible meanings of the word (possibly something they added just recently, I wasn't following). Now, who is this lady who claims that they changed the definition to?

Oh, a journalist. A professional sensationalist radio talking head. Right.

One interesting thing is that male and female are now defined circularly in the dictionary: female, opposite of male; male, opposite of female. But there must be quite a few of such circular definitions in the dictionary already.