August 15th, 2020

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I used to laugh and resent this appendix to the amendment (partly because I was confused by the circumlocutious verbiage), and to think that Tereshkova was an unprincipled servile bitch; but, to a disinterested observer, this asterisk makes quite a lot of sense. When the rules of a game change, the new rules should not be applied retroactively; and if the changed rules involve the number of terms, it makes sense to reset the counter (otherwise, Putin, currently serving his third term in office, would have been in violation of the changed rule). So, although this clash could have been resolved differently (e.g. if the president who is in office at the time of the amendment is serving his second or greater term he shall not be eligible for subsequent re-election), the accepted solution does not look that outlandish, regardless of what I think about Putin or Tereshkova.