July 12th, 2020

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An example of a poorly delivered talk at Google’s web.dev live event. It has several ingredients of a bad talk — it involves two presenters, one of whom has a strong foreign accent; it is scripted in a way that makes the interactions between the two very unnatural, and they both read their scripts, which results in stuttering in one case, an excessively rapid speech with a heavy, written syntax in the other, and unnatural intonation in both. Ugh!

For comparison, here’s what a much better delivery a couple of talks later looks like.

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From Woody Allen’s Apropos of Nothing:

... when the class would be learning some useless thing like "the correct word for the numeral zero is aught." (I’m fine with zero.)

Was aught the correct word for the numeral zero (implying that the word zero was incorrect)? I had no idea!