May 28th, 2020

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Jimmy Kimmel, in a monologue:

"If you don't care about my well-being, you are not allowed to care about your own" (link)

I can't tell by his intonation how serious he is — although given that he has gotten rather preachy by that point, I suppose he is serious — but this is such a leftie slash religious point to make, where an arbitrary other person’s well-being is declared to be as valuable as one’s own. I don't believe this is how it actually works.

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This is a frame from a short playful video (via, begging your pardon, Instagram). A sign of the ongoing facemaskmania:

Although it seems to be mostly fictional (I googled for the text, but couldn't find any evidence it’s being painted on real cars) it is as shocking as that, real this time, video of Staten Islanders harassing a woman who was shopping without a mask.