May 17th, 2020

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Here's one of the reasons I don't like art critics. I remember — very vaguely, since it was 20 years ago — thoroughly enjoying both Brat and Brat 2, which, as I thought at the time, were very decent action movies, surprisingly good by Russian standards. I did not extract any "message" from them; I just appreciated them as entertainment. It never crossed my mind that any of them could in any way be -ist, or -phobic, or otherwise problematic, and that the proper response to them was supercilious disdain. I am grateful I was blissfully ignorant of any reviews that could have pooped on that party.

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It probably isn't that surprising that the Russian foreign ministry is monitoring foreign press (although their efforts could likely be better applied elsewhere). What is surprising is that the international press reacts to the Russian foreign ministry acting all offended, and changes its headlines.



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I have heard the phrase "X is on fire" or "he/she is hot" of course; but until very recently have not seen the phrase "[something] is fire" in the sense that something is very good.

Or maybe I just started paying attention to emojis more :-)

I wonder whether the Russian "это [просто] огонь" has evolved independently or whether one has influenced the other (or both were influenced by something else).

I remember the Russian жечь ("аффтар жжот") from the early Internet and probably FIDO days. Perhaps it has evolved from Pushkin’s глаголом жги passed through the numerous generations of bored teenagers... I wonder whether the Russian story about это огонь is related.