March 20th, 2020

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An interesting event that Peter Boghossian hosted at Portland State — he invited students to share their experience of encountering leftist indoctrination in the classroom or otherwise on campus. It gives concrete examples of ideological indoctrination that, were I in their place, I would have vehemently resented. I can’t help thinking how lucky we were to grow up in an ideological vacuum, where the communist teachings were already busted, the new restorational christo-nationalism has not yet arrived to replace them; and everything was in flux, and relativist, and permitted; and we were free to just focus on academic subjects if we so wished. We were never told that we should not vote for Zyuganov, for example; or that we should call out our classmates who happened to admire Stalin (not that anyone that I knew did) or made gay jokes. We were not there to fight the injustice or right the wrongs. We were there to get a degree, acquire a profession or satisfy personal curiosity. And to have fun, I guess.

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From Crystal’s Cambridge Encyclopaedia of the English Language, 3rd ed:

1) The abbreviation SO always gives me a pause. For me, it’s forever Stack Overflow; for normal people, it’s significant other.
MVP (not mentioned here) is the same — it’s the minimum viable product for me, but the most valuable person/player (as in "you da real mvp") for many.

I suspect it’s the same for people who mistook LOL for lots of love. Perhaps it was a common acronym in the era of written correspondence?

2) Just enjoyed seeing the doge, the snek, and the doggo mentioned as well. It never occurred to me to apply any sort of linguistic analysis to them: