February 20th, 2020

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Quick note (no time to investigate deeper ATM):

An American names his talk "What I wish I would have known about X before Y" (slightly surprising to me, who would have expected "What I wish I had known..."):

A page from an English-as-a-foreign-language grammar here says that that the would with I wish expresses a desire for things to change in the future, not for things to have turned out to be different. In the case of this title though, it's clearly a desire for things to have been different by point Y.

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I haven't quite understood the purpose of CSS subgrid (which has so far been implemented only in Firefox), and have long been wondering about a use case for it and how you would know that you need it. Now I have finally come across such a use case in my code. Nothing that can't be done with a little bit of SASS, I suppose; but it would have been so much nicer with CSS subgrid. And yes, use cases for the subgrid property are intuitively recognisable, as in, you would just know when you want to use it.

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Tyler Cowen: There are plenty of candidates on the Democratic side, some of them are quite smart. You may or may not agree with them...
Eric Weinstein: Who do you find quite smart on the Democratic side?
TC: Mayor Pete and Andrew Yang, for instance, seem quite smart...
(at 20:45)

Yep. My impression as well.