June 26th, 2019

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- We know roughly what has gone wrong — it’s two other parties, Brexit party and the LibDems, sprouting like puffballs, and feeding saprophytically on the decay of the two main parties, because of our failure to get on and to deliver the mandate of the people (starting at 47:35)
- And if we can get this done, and get it over the line, then we will pitchfork this incubus off our backs, we will end sense of drift and indecision, and we will be able to get on with the fantastic modern conservative agenda (starting at 50:04)

He had me at saprophytically — and completed the impression with pitchforking the incubus. I’ve never heard the guy speak (or read a prepared speech). His Q and A session was much more trivial and foolish.

The Times, apparently, was unimpressed by his colorful language ("The other parties are 'sprouting like puff balls and feeding saprophytically on the decay' Noises are 'cacophonous'..."), but the article is behind paywall, so I can’t appreciate their vitriol.

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Heard the news that Jordan Peterson is starting a censorship-free platform(?)/social network(?).

I am curious who is developing it. Went to the site with a nearly-empty announcement page, and noticed that the page loads a horribly old version of jquery. Which suggests that whoever made that page is not very much into frontend development. There is also a js file jquery-ujs/1.2.2/rails.min.js, which, as google suggests, is a rails adaptor for jquery ui. Which is consistent with the first impression that the developer is mostly focused on backend and doesn't bother much about frontend. They also know about CDNs and CSRF tokens, which suggests that this was done by a professional web developer.