May 28th, 2019

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From the HTTP 203 podcast (at about 57:29). A rather appalling (to me) sociolinguistic story from India:

One more India observation. Everyone has their phones ... set to English. There’s a cultural thing, or so it seems, a cultural thing about having your phone set to English; it gets seen as sort of lower status to have your phone set to a local language, because English is the business language, or something like that. So, one company out there found that... they knew that the language of the phone might not be the default language or the language the user is most comfortable with, so they would offer a language screen at the start, even though you get that data from the phone. But then they made an additional change: they found they got much higher engagement when they removed English from that list, because it forced the user to pick one of their [local languages]... And that made the app much more usable to a wider set of people.

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An attempt to formalize developer seniority levels by GitLab (from a job ad):

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It doesn’t all quite make sense (e.g. junior developer, despite all the listed shortcomings requiring babysitting, somehow manages to ”leave code in substantially better shape than before”), but is an interesting exercise nonetheless.