April 10th, 2019

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Через пару недель после родов Ксения Красильникова обнаружила себя выбирающей табуретку, на которую ей будет удобнее встать, чтобы спрыгнуть с балкона.

Funny to see this Latin slash English kind of syntax, something that could otherwise serve as a marker of translated text, in an originally Russian sentence.

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Antoinette Sandbach: Some argue for completely free markets and self-regulation by big business, but this can lead to harmful content and extreme views being promoted. The tech giants who act as publishers have shown that they won't act without regulation. Will the Prime Minister join me in welcoming the publication of the Online Harms whitepaper and support the levelling of the playing field between print and broadcast media and the tech giants.

(To which Theresa May essentially said, yes, adding: "Online companies must start taking responsibility for their platforms and help restore public trust in their technology.")

Not that it’s surprising in any way; it’s just sad to see the wild west of the Internet gradually wither away. It's sad to see people appeal to the government for paternalistic measures, such as exist for alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, but this time applied to the Internet. It’s sad to hear people effectively argue that they cannot trust themselves (or others; poor children! think of the children!) to be responsible consumers of information.