January 25th, 2019

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Saw this comment on Hacker News:

Programmers, maybe ones on HN especially, are super conservative and anti-labour for some reason. I don't know the history of Silicon Valley enough to figure out exactly why

— and thought how differently I understand the word conservative, and how weird it is what politics does to words. For me, a conservative is someone who wants to keep things as they are or as they used to be; someone who values tradition; and almost inevitably someone religious. Based on this understanding of what the word means, it’s almost incredible to hear someone say that tech professionals, such as programmers, who I thought are inevitably forward-looking, have high regard for traditions and the past in general.

But of course the word conservative has a different meaning in this context. As does the word progressive, which freaks me out every time I see it used to mean the left.