October 20th, 2018

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The "weaponized autists" at 4Chan have done it again, because they can; a new meme suggesting that liberals are soulless idiots who can't think for themselves has gone viral. The concept compares Democrats to "nonplayable characters," or NPCs - the recurring characters in video games with repetitive lines and limited knowledge. Lack of an "inner voice" is a dead giveaway that someone may be an NPC.

The NPC meme essentially meant to ridicule the post-election perpetual outrage culture in which liberals simply parrot the latest talking points from their favorite pundits, who do their thinking for them.

The 4chan version is a simple greyed out, expressionless face known as "NPC Wojak" - which has triggered the left so hard that Twitter conducted a mass-banning campaign for accounts promoting the meme, and the New York Times wrote an entire article trying to figure it out.


Love the "weaponized autists at 4Chan" phrase.
Also, surprised such an innocent joke provoked such a strong reaction.

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The low/open nature of the "short o" vowel in American English keeps amazing (and delighting) me. I haven't really been especially conscious of it until maybe a year ago, and then I started coming across examples when I even misheard the word because of how open the "o" was.

Here’s one example — if I hadn't been aware of the context I would have heard this as "salad":

(from the Bad Voltage podcast; the funny thing is that his co-host is British, and he says the word in a way I am much more accustomed to (not a part of the clip))

Here’s another one — I couldn't immediately recognize the word before "gradient" (I thought maybe it's some "kana gradient" — some technical Japanese-inspired thing? Until she said it more clearly, with a more recognizable "o" (also not included in the clip)):

(from the Toolsday podcast)