September 13th, 2018

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Wow, my Chromium (not even Chrome) on Linux can play the video of today's Apple event on Apple site. I remember the time when only Safari was allowed to do so.

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The problem with audioversions of English-language books about Russia is that they will contain Russian words or names, and that the narrator will almost inevitably mangle them.

A rare exception is Dressed up for a Riot by Michael Idov (which I probably mentioned here already). Idov is no voice actor, but what his audiobook suffers from his untrained and foreign-sounding voice, it more than makes up for in his pronunciation of the Russian bits.

My latest disappointment is Red Plenty, which is an interesting book (both in its technique, with historical pieces co-existing with fictional chapters, and in its subject — for example, I learned from it about the Novocherkassk massacre), but the narrator is killing it. Surprisingly, even the word academician is giving him troubles: he has no problems with saying the word academic, or even academgorodok, but the academician confuses him, and he consistently pronounces it as acamedician.