August 8th, 2018

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One of my fairly recent discoveries on Reddit was that a cockatoo is not a kind of parrot. At least not in colloquial English.

And this seems to be a pretty important point for some. Because it got picked up by Pratchett:

"They’re just ordinary people who breed canaries and things as a hobby. Their chairman lives next door to me... This stuff is important to him! My goodness, but it’s dull. It’s all about Best of Breed and some changes in the show rules about parrots which they argued for two hours... They’ve got no say in who runs the city but they can damn well see to it that cockatoos aren’t lumped in with parrots"

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The site of a Russian English school has this in its list of activities:

Which made me wonder: can there be such a thing as an original voice-over? I mean, sure, dictionaries and wikipedia define voice-over as a particular artistic technique, but that’s certainly not the meaning intended here. Clearly, the "voice-over" part derives from the phrase "voice-over translation", but since the ad puts an emphasis on the original, is the voice-over a mistranslation?