July 21st, 2018

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I firmly believe that a person’s private life and their professional life should be considered independently of one another. Companies have no business judging the moral character of their workers. The public has no business judging companies for employing people whose character they don’t approve. That’s why the story of Disney firing a director over some several-years-old salacious tweets saddens me.

I also firmly believe that people should be free to make a fool of themselves online if they so wish, and neither companies nor governments should have the right to forbid them to do so. That’s why the recent story about how Germany requires Facebook to remove posts by Holocaust deniers (or to ban them altogether; I am not quite sure which) also saddens me.

I find it sickening that when discussing the "spread" of potentially bad ideas the society places no responsibility on the receivers of these ideas, and all the responsibility on the producers and transmitters of these ideas. It takes two to tango. There is no "spread" unless the receiving party is perceptive to an idea.

Also, isn't this statement by someone from the offended party a completely idiotic reconstruction of history?