May 19th, 2018

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So Munk debate on political correctness happened:

As Stephen Fry said by the end of the debate, it didn't really go very well: the participants quickly got sidetracked into discussing politics, instead of language-related policies, and there also were some bouts of pointless bickering. The format of the debate, with four people given turns to speak in a sort of criss-cross manner, with the moderator trying to ensure each of the participants gets equal time to speak, is not very conducive to a logically coherent discussion. And yet I think Jordan Peterson gave a powerful opening statement, at least the one very close to my feelings on the subjects that he touched, and to me that was the best — the most intellectually stimulating — part of the debate. Perhaps had it been the debate just between him and Michael Dyson, it would have been more interesting in the sense that each would address more points raised by the other (although I am not too sure about that: while Peterson is earnest, Dyson is prone to facetiousness).