May 6th, 2018

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A decent interview with Milo Yiannopoulos on RT:

There were several interesting ideas there. Like the public, not the state, acting as a censor through social media (at ~ 5 min), an idea of how pretending to have certain views due to the social pressure backfires and these views are discarded when the opportunity arises (at ~ 17 min 50 sec), and comparison of race-related discourses in the US and the UK (at ~21 min 30 sec: "There is not much racial anxiety in this country... In America the left seems to demand that we are constantly assessing people on the basis of their skin color and their sexual orientation and their gender..."). Lots of narcissistic rambling, to be sure, but with occasional kernels of admirable reflexion.

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Khodorkovsky: "Наша важнейшая общая задача — политическое просвещение. Времени осталось совсем мало — считанные годы. «Черный лебедь» уже летит. Вопрос в том, что он принесет на своих крыльях кроме гибели режима? Новую диктатуру? Или европейскую демократию?
Это зависит от нас и наших сегодняшних усилий. И только от них."

Which makes me wonder whether he fully understands the concept of a black swan (in the Talebian sense, I would imagine) or whether he is just got entangled in a metaphor.