April 15th, 2018

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Kent C. Dodds:

> It's amazing to me that companies are willing to leave a job listing open for 12 months or more, using countless hours trying to find a "senior engineer" when it would only take 6 months (or less) to hire someone slightly less experienced and train them up.

Ben Lesh:

> I *completely* understand what you're saying, but some things you don't get without actual time spent building stuff. And FWIW, Netflix, the only company I worked at the exclusively hired senior only, still looked at people with only 4-5 years experience.

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I think I am more with Ben on this one.

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Also, a slightly touching story reminding me that I completely forgot how people save seats for each other by putting their stuff on them. Also, it's curious that it doesn't seem to be a widespread practice in the US.