March 22nd, 2018

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After numerous talks about the evils of social media sowing discord and radicalizing people, it was refreshing to hear a much more skeptical (and, it sounds like, more realistic) take on it on BBC no less.

"The idea that this'd sway the election is almost social science nonsense".

(It also reminded me of the "third person effect", or "third person bias", where I believe I am not influenced by the media; I believe you are not influenced by the media; and at the same time I believe that others are.)

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A short video presentation on BBC summarizing the Cambridge Analytica episode:

Does this mean they now found the new scapegoat to blame for Trump's victory ("the UK firm says it played a pivotal role in winning the US presidential race"), and Russia is off the hook? :-)

Also, it's funny that among the answers to the question "How can I protect myself" (eye roll emoji) they do not suggest to delete Facebook (which is apparently a popular hashtag on Twitter).