February 18th, 2018

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Googled for something, and found this tiny recent shitstorm on Twitter:
(for more context, the sentiment originates here: https://twitter.com/sergiodxa/status/963653573895745538)

I don't really understand this feeling of protectiveness towards inexperienced developers that the mob demonstrates. Instead of shaming people for their lack of knowledge (and thus motivating them to get it), they prefer to shame those who express their disgust with the lack of knowledge. It must be a cultural thing. Or generational. And very strange to me.

(no subject)

Only now did I realize that this is an allusion to an earlier formula:

Is that one a reference to something too? Or is it the original?

And while I am on the topic of allusions: there is a recurring syntactic pattern "[verb] you an
[object]" (e.g. a book titled "Learn you a Haskell for Great Good"). Is it an allusion to some famous phrase?