February 10th, 2018

Разглядывая книжку



Что, интересно, двигало переводчиком, когда он сочинял первое предложение? Трепет перед словом communication?

(Это я разглядываю сайт издательства Pretext (брр, бывает же такое!) и заглянул в первую попавшуюся книжку)

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For the first time in many months I visited my Livejournal page (a feed of my posts) without first logging in.

The number of ads that I saw on the page was appalling. After almost each post, there was an ad block, and what made it even worse from the ui standpoint was that the ads were loading dynamically while I was scrolling; so that and one instant I would be looking at a post, and the next instant there would be an ad block in place of it.

This sucks balls. This is more atrocious that the New York Times site even. It made it even more imperative for me to leave this decaying platform soon.

I have been building a static web site that would serve as a diary and a place to vent my daily frustrations. Lacking imagination, I haven’t figured out a convenient way to use it for microblogging, so it's mostly just several static 'diary' pages that are updated from time to time. But at least it's under my control; and if I do not want any fucking ads, there bloody well will be no fucking ads.

On self promotion

> As host of the popular Content Talks podcast, Kristina’s lively conversations with content experts from all over the world explore how content strategy can help businesses in every industry.

Google indeed can find this Content Talks podcast. All 15 episodes of it. Popular, you say? :-)

(P.S.: hate this trait of the modern English usage where a preposition phrase — here, "as a host" — is not connected to the subject — here, conversations. — Is it a case of a dangling modifier? Can’t remember.)