November 22nd, 2017

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A mostly disappointing 6-hour workshop on integrating Purescript into a JavaScript app by Hardy Jones from the last LambdaConf. Disappointing firstly because Hardy mercilessly slaughters the ample time he is given, moves excruciatingly slow and demonstrates very little, and secondly because the interop between the Purescript and the JavaScript code looks rather ugly. As does the tooling:

On the bright side, here’s an inspiring (albeit a very high-level) talk about Purescript by a well-spoken Brit from a recent conference in Sweden:

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Yarovaya’s words on her attitude towards gender equality are absolutely adorable in their naivety and immediate, childish egoism.

If — as her premise goes (no matter how erroneously) — women in Russia have certain privileges (i.e. are in a privileged position), then it makes no sense whatsoever to champion gender equality and thus risk losing these privileges.

This makes total sense in the practical, down-to-earth, instinctive sort of way (and I would have reasoned similarly regarding anything I would consider as my privilege), but of course it sounds laughably primitive when compared to the liberal Western discourse which tends to obsess over the immorality of privileges.

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Wow, wow, the redesigned Smashing Magazine went live yesterday. It has been completely revamped to use a new tech stack, too. Previously, it was built on Wordpress; now it's a static site generated by Hugo.

Very cool!