August 17th, 2017

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Как оказалось, Хром не умеет переводить даты на казахский:

А фаерфокс, например, умеет:

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I am actually pleasantly surprized by the new incarnation of The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs taught at UC Berkeley.

It is super introductory, and is taught in Python (unlike the original SICP course, which was famously taught in Lisp), but the funny thing is, the professor gives a functional flavor to the course. For example, pretty early in the course he starts talking about higher-order functions and about what essentially is closures and currying (though he has not used these terms yet). I have pretty negligible experience with Python, so it's fun to watch. It was also pretty cool to see him use doctests — an in-built Python feature that generates tests out of doctype comments — to illustrate that his functions work.