November 27th, 2016

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Quit social media, — говорит автор.

«Но что такое social media?» — подумал я, послушав автора. Вон ведь, например, он ведет блог и ссылается на Талеба, который пишет в Medium.

Тут же нашел, что автор и сам озадачился этим вопросом и отвечает в блоге:

When I’m speaking negatively about “social media,” I’m almost always referring to the major services offered by the major attention economy conglomerates; Twitter, Facebook, etc.

These companies, like any media company, harvest your time and attention and transform it into revenue. This is a lucrative industry, so they invest a large amount of resources into making their services as addictive as possible.


This definition of “social media” is quite narrow. It doesn’t include, for example, individual blogs, or discussion forums, or homegrown sites like Hacker News — as these services haven’t been massively optimized to colonize our cognitive landscape.