June 7th, 2014

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Айзек Азимов, 1972:

In 1605 Cervantes published the first part of Don Quixote (see note 236), which was intended as a satire on this kind of medieval tale. Don Quixote was a poor madman of high ideals who took the tales of chivalry as literal truth and tried to live the life of one of the story-book knights, hence the word “quixotic,” meaning any action based on irrational idealism. Don Quixote turned out to be the greatest satire ever written. Not only is it by general consent a complete masterpiece as a work of literature but it did what satires hardly ever do — it killed the thing it satirized. The medieval tale of chivalry did not survive Don Quixote.

А Толкин часом — это не medieval tale of chivalry?

Дипломатичный перевод

Нацлидер разговаривает с французскими журналистами.
Переводчик (уже потом, при монтаже, с французского на английский): Are you saying the US is lying?
НЛ (отчетливо слышно): Они врут. Никаких...
Переводчик: There are no armed forces, no Russian instructors in South-Eastern Ukraine.