May 21st, 2014

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Вдогонку к моей записи здесь про индийский английский, continuous и «Унесенных ветром». Еще один замечательный пример:

"So they were, Daughter. We saw the smoke from Twelve Oaks, across the river, before they came. But Miss Honey and Miss India and some of their darkies had refugeed to Macon, so we did not worry about them. But we couldn't be going to Macon. The girls were so sick — your mother — we couldn't be going. Our darkies ran — I’m not knowing where. They stole the wagons and the mules. Mammy and Dilcey and Pork — they didn't run. The girls — your mother — we couldn’t be moving them."

Ирландцы — скрытые индусы?