January 1st, 2014


Стишок про убунту:

Gather ’round, my friends and hear a most nerdy tale.
A tale about Linux (and a very small whale).

Our story begins back in nineteen ninety three.
With some dude named Ian, who had a girlfriend, you see.

Her name was Debra, if I’m remembering right.
So he put their names together, and made some Linux one night.

And so Debian was born from two names together.
(We’re just lucky it wasn’t “Brangelina” or “Bennifer”.)

Fast forward, ye all, to two thousand and four.
When some astronaut dude wanted to make something more.

“This Debian’s cool,” he said. “I like it a lot!”
“But if it were orange and brown? Hot damn, that’d be hot!”

So he took his space money and started a team.
And created a warthog, the best we’d yet seen!

Oh, everyone loved it! Oh, everyone cheered!
Except those wearing red hats, or with a neck beard.

The spaceman got excited, “I know just what to do!”
“We’ll build it for TVs and probably phones too!”

“There’s no way we can lose! No way we can fail!”
Said the spaceman while riding a small, orange whale.

(с) Bryan Lunduke