March 13th, 2013

Прекрасно как!

Благодаря своему чудаку-амбобику узнал, что некоторые (чудак в их числе) называют коллатеральную связку окольной связкой.

Сижу балдею.

Просто цитата

Вопрос: Do you still use Linux and/or Emacs? If not, why?

NealStephenson, 8 months ago: No but I'll probably start again. I can't get work done on my laptop any more because it's too easy to switch over to internet-based distractions. I am thinking of setting up a laptop that would basically give me emacs and nothing else. Shopping for them is painful though. I want one with a solid state drive, and most manufacturers seem to want to translate that into "this customer is a sucker with a lot of money."