November 21st, 2008


Что поддерживается Оксфордским словарем английского языка:

- Статья Idol

Значение 6. A mental fiction; a phantasy or fancy.


1577 T. Vautrollier Luther on Ep. Gal. 123 In their heart they stablish, not the righteousnes of the lawe... but a mere fantasie and an Idoll of the lawe.
1684 tr. Agrippa's Van. Arts 335 They frame to themselves... so many Idols and Phantomes of their own Imaginations about divine things.

   b. Logic. A false mental image or conception; a false or misleading notion; a fallacy; see Idolum

Статья Idolum

Значение 2. A false mental image or conception; a fallacy.

[1620 Bacon Nov. Org. i. xxxix, Quatuor sunt genera Idolorum quæ mentes humanas obsedent. Iis (docendi gratiâ) nomina imposuimus; vt primum genus, Idola Tribûs; secundum, Idola specûs; tertium, Idola Fori; quartum, Idola Theatri vocentur.]

1640 G. Watts tr. Bacon's Adv. Learn. v. iv. §3 As for the Elenchs of Images or Idolaes; certainly Idolaes are the profoundest Fallacies of the mind of man.