November 14th, 2008

Фонетические эволюции

Из филдинговского Тома Джонса, найденыша - имитация простонародной речи:

And thof I was obliged, as my father, who was a clergyman, died worse than nothing, and so could not give me a shilling of potion, to undervalue myself by marrying a poor man; yet I would have you to know, I have a spirit above all them things.

...but I think people in business oft always to let one another know such things.

...but I thoft he had been an officer himself, till the serjeant told me he was but a recruit.

Интересно, как вышло так, что из слов though, ought, thought звук [f] пропал, а в словах enough, trough, drought, draught -- остался?