Andrey (azangru) wrote,

There's a recent supercut about how different media spun the Joe Rogan takes a horse dewormer story.

What made the biggest impression on me is the first several seconds of that cut, on which a young turks host (is it Ana Kasparian) says, rolling her eyes [1], quote, "It blows my mind that Joe Rogan just yesterday admitted to taking ... ivermectin". If you pause for a second and think about it, what is it exactly that's mind-blowing about that? That he took ivermectin? Well, it's a common alternative medicine, as she well should know. That he admitted to taking it? Well, why wouldn't he? People willingly share about being treated with homeopathy or acupuncture on other occasions. Is it shameful? What's going on through this woman's mind when she arranges her face into a shocked expression while she is saying this?

1) Or what's the more appropriate name for this "I can't even" facial expression?

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