Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Basically, on the other side of the world we are seeing essentially something where the winners of the 20th century — the US and Western Europe — have gotten, like, one way of thinking about it is civilizational diabetes, you know, so fat and happy at the end of history that they had sort of invent internal conflicts and drama to make things meaningful again, and now they have; they've set out fire and they are burning down the house...

...I think, in many ways the 21st century is a mirror of the 20th. One of them is, you know, if it was about capitalist West and socialist East, it's sort of reversing. Now, in many ways, you could say the new political spectrum of the world is something where the US is at the left, Europe is center-left; India, Israel, they are center-right, and China is far-right.

— Balaji Srinivasan, from a conversation with Sam Harris

Civilizational diabetes is a great metaphor!

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