Andrey (azangru) wrote,

A good episode of the Rebel Wisdom podcast where they invited Yuri Deigin to present an argument against Bret's ideas on vaccines and ivermectin. I've only watched the first half an hour of preliminaries, but I love (love!) Yuri's attitude, with his utter disregard to the size of his audience, the opinions of his tribe, or the credentials of a messenger. I don't know if it's a Russian thing — it certainly catches the British interviewer off guard — but I would love to see more of such attitude.

There is a moment (at 34-minute mark) where he makes fun of Bret saying, "what, you [Bret] haven't seen a fake study before? dude, just in your five minutes of analyzing studies, two or three were retracted". This "in your five minutes of analyzing studies" sounds spot-on. Whatever endearing qualities Bret has, he does not have the chops or the rigor of a practicing clinical epidemiologist or a data analyst from an adjacent field.

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