Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Two clips left a particularly deep impression on me over the last couple of days.

One is Pelosi's reply to a journalist:

Not the first of her such performances, of course; but nevertheless, as bad, if not worse, as Steve Ballmer on a stage screaming "developers" over and over at the top of his voice. Worse, because this hag holds a position of state power, and makes a statement that is not celebratory, as with Ballmer, but of epistemological nature, and so incredibly shallow and deeply religious at that, appealing to nothing but faith.

The other is a clip from CNN, where the host asks his guest, "do you believe [believe! what a word!] that masks work to stop the spread of the virus", and almost stops the interview when the guest gives a nuanced answer to the effect that, not necessarily:

"If we are having a conversation about whether masks work or not, I really believe the rest of this is futile," the host says, appalled. "Because we know that the science shows that masks work."

Do we? Do we know that cloth masks or regular surgical masks work? Didn't Fauci himself several months ago attempt to start the fashion of wearing two masks (the implication being that a single mask is insufficient)? Do masks worn with the nose hanging out, as is so often the case, work? Does the admission by the WHO, half a year or so ago, that the primary mode of transmission of the virus is through aerosols rather than with droplets, make any impact on the estimates of masks’ effectiveness, especially given that prior to 2020, the guidelines from "the science" were that surgical masks do not offer protection against aerosolized infections?

What is that anchor's epistemology? What is the source of his knowledge?


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