Andrey (azangru) wrote,

The blame game that DiBlasio plays in this clip is disgusting. Instead of saying, we, your leaders, were wrong; we miscalculated; we thought that the availability of effective vaccines alone will be enough to protect the vulnerable and beat down the pandemic; but it turns out it didn't work, and we are now going to require that you all take the vaccine (or maybe even do a full Fauci and just admit that, in order not to upset the public prematurely, it was intentionally lied to when it was told that vaccinations were going to be voluntary), he turns the blame on the unvaccinated for their lackluster enthusiasm to do what the society expects them to do. He even frames it in some sickening narrative of "we wanted to give you a choice, but you chose wrong, so we are taking the choice away", or "we could do it the easy way, but I guess you chose to do it the hard way". Some weird cross between a nursery teacher, a bully, and a mafia boss.


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