Andrey (azangru) wrote,

From Bret's interview with Megyn Kelly. Within the first 10-15 minutes:

Bret: I have an obligation, which is perhaps second only to my obligation to my family, and that is my obligation to humanity writ large.

Um, ok, although pompous.

cont'd: I trained to be able to evaluate evidence.
(at -1:27:45)

Wait, what? What do you mean trained to evaluate evidence? Are you a statistician? Or perhaps a specialist in the design of experimental studies, including clinical trials? What sort of evidence have you been trained to evaluate, and how?

Megyn, to give her credit, asks him why he hasn't put anyone representing the orthodox viewpoint on his podcast, to counterbalance Kory or Malone & Kirsch. In doing so, she articulates the vulgar heuristic available to the public:

Megyn: When I started researching... where did they all get this information, I found that it's from this one guy's study, Byram Bridle, he is an associate professor of viral immunology in the department of pathobiology at the university of Guelph in Canada. Guelph, that is.

So, since she can't evaluate claims on the merit of their substance, she defaults to names, credentials and affiliations of people who make them.

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