Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Biologist Colin Wright, in a conversation with Joe Rogan (around 1h 35min):

I talk about when I used to argue about creationism and intelligent design. It was so easy. Because I was in universities; none of the biologists around there were creationists ... For the most part, if I am arguing against creationists and intelligent design people, this is, like, you are getting support from your colleagues who are like, oh yeah, get'em; no-one says you are too strident when you are writing an essay against them. But then when I started seeing a lot of this ["woke"] ideology bubble up around my colleagues, and then I started pushing back a little bit, well, now, like, the craziness is inside the walls of university. Before, christians didn't have major presence in universities, at least not the ones who were young Earth creationists and intelligent design people; so there was no chance of them taking over the university ... But now this thing is happening within the universities, and then I would just make my straightforward argument about there's two sexes ... and there's just a wave of hate. It's not even "you are wrong". At least the creationists and intelligent design people told me... calling you wrong, maybe they called me stupid, whatever; but now it's... you are not even wrong, you are just a bigot, you are a horrible person, you are literally leading to trans people getting killed. You are making students on Penn State when I worked there feel unsafe on campus because I am working on my ant experiment or something and I had an opinion that got published somewhere. That's the situation in the universities.

Also, he observed how one of the first communities to fall prey to the new ideology was the "new atheists" movement. Which surprised me, because I wouldn't have expected rationalist skeptics that I took the "new atheists" to be to willingly embrace any kind of ideology.

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