Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Remember Ben's thread of how impressed he is by developers from a certain country.

Here's the latest example from the Smashing Magazine of my exposure to these developers.

First, the title of the article says "Client-side routing", but the article talks about the conventions of Next.js routing in general — both for the client-side and for the server-side routing. In Next, they are the same.
Second, the article is just a rehashing of Next.js's docs, which are, generally, well-written, and will obviously stay up-to-date with the evolution of the library, whereas the article won't.
Third, the style of the prose, whenever it rises above the recital of the documentation, is generally rather poor.

"This article will be beneficial to React developers who are familiar with Next.js and want to learn how it handles routing. You need to have a working knowledge of React and Next.js to get the most out of the article", says the introduction. How the heck can one be familiar with Next and remain ignorant of how it handles routes?

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