Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Bret talks to Peter McCormack — a British journalist focusing mostly on Bitcoin — about his conversation with Pierre Kory and his convictions about ivermectin. The talk, which must be a recording of a Clubhouse room, has been posted on SoundCloud, which apparently is safer than Youtube these days :-)

What's incomprehensible to me is how, with all the noise that Bret is making and all the publicity that he is seeking, he has never been able to talk publicly to a doctor or a researcher capable of explaining the rationale behind the acting medical guidelines, be they from CDC or from WHO, or from whomever is making them. For example, Bret spends some time arguing that there is no point in vaccinating those who have recovered from covid. Which certainly makes sense to a person with very basic understanding of immunology; but presumably, people who issue the guidelines have a far superior knowledge than what can be reasoned from the first principles of an undergraduate textbook. The journalist doesn't have even those fundamentals, so he cannot challenge Bret, or even ask him why he thinks the current guidelines are as they are. So weird.

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