Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Bret Weinstein talks to one of the principal advocates of ivermectin. He is an interesting personality — so thanks to Bret for having this conversation — but god, it's so annoying when Bret interrupts him to "translate" the medical lingo for who he thinks his audience is. He is doing precisely what puts me off in so many web dev podcasts, when the hosts would invite a knowledgeable guest, strike up a conversation, and then interrupt him mid-sentence to explain "to those who are newer" the meaning of this or that word. Or ask the guest to do it. The guests usually take it stoically. Bret's guest does as well. But it's clearly apparent in the video below (about 16 minutes in) that after the doctor is distracted from recounting his early experience with covid, in which he is just about to explain why he started treating his patients with blood thinners and steroids, he loses his train of thought and doesn't pick it up after Bret's effusive commentary.


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